Overmolded Electronics

Engineering and Design Services

SRI offers a full range of Product Design Services. We specialize in the complete design and delivery of a wide range of custom products. Our focus is on a rapid product launch for our customer and a core focus on quality, cost and manufacturing of the product. We also offer a full functional test fixture design and delivery for our customers.


Product Design Services
We specialize in the complete design and delivery of a wide variety of products in a turn-key fashion with a focus on quality, cost and manufacturability of products.

Mechanical and Electronic Design: To better support our clients, we try to function as a seamless extension of our clients' product development departments. We do this is by using common design tools wherever possible to ensure that deliverables are in a familiar data format (AutoCad, SDRC, PADS, OrCad, etc.) For example, if your firm uses SDRC Master Series for product design, we will provide I-DEAS models of all PC Boards as Master Series 3-D Models for fit-check purposes. Review our Product Development Process to see a typical Electronic Product development cycle.

Software Development: This practice is also observed for software development where we develop code using common platforms, operating systems and compilers (Microsoft C/C++, Borland C/C++, HP C/C++Softbench (Unix), Silicon Graphics C/C++ ProDev Workshop, MSDOS, MS Windows, Pen-Windows, RTXC, etc.)

Test Fixtures and Test Standards: To ensure that products meet performance standards, we create a customized test fixture to evaluate the function of each system or of each sub-system in a product. These test-fixtures are done in a cost-effective manner by scaling the program to ensure that the test process is a good fit for the production volume.

Documentation & Standards: We also adapt to our clients' standards for part nomenclature, tooling specifications, electronic test requirements, software specifications and overall quality standards. This enables our clients to easily resume continuing support of products that we have completed.

arrowProject Management System

Product Documentation and Project Development tracing is all done via our on-line Project Management System. Our customers can log on to our web site via their password.

They can then view real time:

arrow Bill of material
arrow PCB gerber files
arrow Schematics
arrow Software
arrow Revision Levels
arrow Project Status down to the component level


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Printed Circuit Design

We can act as an extension of your existing design team and take on any project at any point in the design cycle. We have experience with many interconnection technologies and can also assist you in the design of PCB related hardware such as cables, membrane keypads, overlays and mounting hardware. Our in-house engineering resources can assist in the selection of difficult to find, obsolete or smaller alternative devices. We will work closely with you and your Fabrication and Assembly vendors to make sure that all deliverables meet their needs and that your project proceeds smoothly and is delivered on time.

Physical Design
arrow PadsPCB
arrow DFM,DFT
arrow SMT, Mixed

arrow Orcad
arrow PadsLogic
arrow SS, DS, Multilayer, Flex, Chip on-Board Schematic Capture

Reverse Engineering
arrow PTH to SMD Conversion
arrow Miniturization
arrow Gerber/DXF/HPGL Translation
arrow Netlist conversion/verification
arrow Complete gerber editing and conversion to PadsPCB Database

arrow AutoCad
arrow Verification Plots
arrow Fabrication Drawing
arrow Assembly Drawings
arrow Master Pattern Drawings
arrow IPD-D-325A

Custom Deliverables
arrow Gerbers RS-274-D/RS-274-X
arrow DXF/HPGL
arrow Centroid P&P database
arrow Netlist
arrow Photoplots
arrow Solder Paste Stencils
arrow Testpoint reports
arrow Unused Parts/Pins report
arrow Single ended net report
arrow 3D Model of PCB assembly in SDRC or 3D-IGES